YL-8818 air pressure bronzing machina
CMM-12-680R Wire Forming Machine


This machine is suitable for bronzing any material surface.


1. Fully automatic design, with manual pedal;

2. The mechanical structure is firm, the up and down adjustment is constant, and the bronzing is not repeated;

3. The paper rolling speed of mechanical structure is fast.

Company profile:

Located in liaoxia, Houjie Town, Houjie Youli machinery factory, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, has been specializing in the production of complete equipment for middle sole and large sole and mechanical parts for shoe machine since its establishment in 1996. Over the past few years, our factory has been striving for development based on quality, with the purpose of reputation as guarantee, high-quality products, reasonable prices, and good faith guarantee to win the patronage of new and old customers. Product Description: 1. Accessories Department: all kinds of front and back upper fasteners, sweepers, claws, drawings and samples processing, rubber products, silica gel, rubber products, mold development and manufacturing. 2、 Mechanical department: specialized medium and large bottom equipment, complete set of manufacturing output, plant planning

Our main products: stamping machine, trademark transfer machine, heat transfer machine, rubber outsole roughing machine, midsole molding machine, shoe marking machine, roughing machine, press warping machine

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